Spy on Your Competitors

It is no longer hard for anyone to spy on their competitors on the internet. Thanks to spying tools, businesses can use to amplify their marketing and advertising strategies by looking at their competitors’. So, let’s take a look at the different online tools that help you get hold of your competitors’ advertising information.

Get Hold of Competitors Keywords

The best way to spy on the keywords that your competitors are using in their online marketing campaign is to make use of tools that extract this information.


SEMRush is a free keyword spying tool that allows you to enter your competitors’ website and get hold of data like keywords, traffic, rank, and ad keywords. This tool is one of the most attractive spying tools as it provides data in graphic form, which makes it easy to understand.


This tool is quite impressive and provides extensive data. With the help of this tool, you can spy on your competitors’ entire advertising information. All you need to do to get started is to go to www.KeywordSpy.com and set-up an account. You will come across a ‘free trial’ button on the upper right corner, which you have to click. The tool will show you your competitors’ history of keywords and the date they started using each keyword.

If some keywords were used repeatedly by your competitor, know that they have worked well for them. The keywords that were just used once indicate that they did not work. You can pick such keywords that provided success and eliminate all others. You can then mix these keywords with the ones you got from Google’s Keyword tool to create a perfect marketing strategy.


SpyFu is an amazing tool for getting hold of a list of keywords that your competitors are targeting. All you need to do to get this information is to enter your competitors’ website in the search bar and hit enter. This tool will give you a list of organic keywords and AdWords from your competitors which you can make use in your own advertising campaign.

Backlink Tracking

There are many online spying tools that allow you to monitor your competitors’ backlinks. You will get hold of the highest traffic driving backlinks used by competitors, which you can make use of too.

Learn About Your Competitors Marketing, Sales, and Products

Take a look at the different spying tools that will help you learn about your competitors’ number of sales, product information, and marketing strategies.


Clickbank is a fantastic tool that gives a lot of information about your competitors marketing strategy and its products. By using this tool you can learn about the products that your competitors are selling, the price that they have set, and the commission that they earn. The great part about this tool is that it also helps you track the affiliates that your competitors are using to sell their products. You will get a list of top selling affiliates in different product categories that you can make use of. You can also view landing pages of your competitors’’ precuts with this tool.

Use Keywordspy to Take a Look at Competitors Ad Copy

Another great feature of Keywordspy is that it allows businesses to take a look at their competitors’ ads. You can also learn about the dates the ads were used, which will allow you to find out about their effectiveness. You can also look at the ads that worked well in attracting the target audience and with the help of this information you can make use of a similar strategy for your ads. You can also make use of this information to create something unique and extra ordinary to attract the audience and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Monitor Your Competitors YouTube Videos

Social Blade is an online tool that helps you spy on your competitors YouTube videos including comments, earnings, and ratings. By looking at the data, you can learn about effective techniques of creating successful YouTube videos. The videos that have the highest number of comments will help you adopt a similar approach in your videos.

Spying on Competitors Backlinks and Mentions

If you want to get hold of your competitors’ link building strategy, then you need to consider the tools given below.

Google Alert

If you are looking for a free spying tool for monitoring competitors’ backlinks, keywords, and mentions, then use Google Alert. This tool will give you specific information about your competitors SEO strategies.

Social Mention

Social Mention allows you to look at the mentions that your competitor or a certain word is getting on social platforms and blogs.


Alexa is one of the most effective and prestigious tools to help businesses find out about their competitors’ linking, traffic, and keywords strategies. This tool is extremely beneficial for businesses that want to find out about international competitors.

Open Site Explorer

If you want to get hands on your competitors’ link-building strategies, then Open Site Explorer is the right tool for you. This tool will give you detailed information on anchor-texts used by your competitors, backlinks, page rank, and domain. You can also make use of this tool to compare link data of different competitors with yours.

Link Prospector

You can use Link Prospector to learn about the most effective links for SEO and lead generation. The links that this tool provides are result-driven and can help improve your ranking.

Marketing Grader

If you want to find out how your competitors are doing on social platforms and other related information, then make use of Marketing Grader. This tool will show you how your competitors score on social media based on their marketing and advertising efforts.


If you want to spy on your competitors’ Twitter data, activities, and mentions, then you can make use of Topsy. This tool will provide you extensive Twitter data of your competitors to help you improvise your strategies on the platform.

Majestic SEO

If you want to download the link profiles of your competitors to make use of them in your own marketing strategies, then Majestic SEO is the tool for you. With the help of the link profiles of your competitors, you can easily target thousands of links to amplify your SEO strategies.

Spying Tools for Web Rankings, Domains, and Ads

There are hundreds of SEO spying tools that will help you improve your advertising strategies to not only come at par with your competitors but also to get on top of your game.


This is an attractive tool that provides you with detailed information of your competitors’ traffic strategies.


If you want to find out the different sources and pages owned by your competitors, then make use of SpyOnWeb tool. This tool is extremely simple to use. All you need to do to get hold of the information is to enter a website URL, IP address, or Google AdSense or Analytics code in the search bar. Once you hit enter, you have all the information that you require to find out more about your competitors online presence.

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

Another great way to improve your SEO strategies is to make use of Complete Digital Marketing Solutions tools. This tool will enable you to adopt the most effective SEO strategies to improve ranking and help you get unique traffic to your website.


If you want to get hold of your competitors’ media buying and planning strategies on the internet, then make use of WhatRunsWhere tool. This tool will help you learn about the ads that your competitors are posting, their placement, and their production details. You can also get updates from this tool whenever your competitors launch a new ad campaign.

When it comes to online spying, there is no shortage in tools that help you gain the most valuable insight. By making use of the tools given in this article, you will be able to enhance your marketing and advertising greatly and get to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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